PhD scholarship for koala health research

Central Queensland University (CQU) is delighted to partner with Stanmore Resources, earthtrade and Fitzroy Basin Association (FBA) to provide one fortunate PhD scholar with a three-year Elevate scholarship to complete a research project on the health of koalas in Central Queensland,” Dr Flavia Santamaria said.

“The aim of this important program is to determine the health of koalas using a non-invasive method.

“Koala fecal pellets will be collected and analysed to obtain information on Chlamydia, stress, koala retrovirus, koala DNA and the gut bacteria.

This is the first project of its kind in Central Queensland.”

Earthtrade supports this valuable research project as it will provide an understanding of where the healthy koala populations are in Central Queensland and assist in informing decision-making processes to identify opportunities to further support koala populations across Central Queensland.  

“With decreasing population of koalas in the wild, and with an important, but poorly studied, population known to exist in Central Queensland, we hope our research findings will better protect these vulnerable and iconic Australian species.”

Dr Mark Schultz said “FBA is excited to be a part of this initiative as the knowledge gained on koala health and distribution will enable FBA to efficiently target its koala conservation initiatives to areas where they will have the most benefit.”

Koala near Nebo, CQU Phd scholarship
                                                                                                          Photo: Charley Jones-Prizeman, koala near Nebo, Central Qld