Local teachers tour Isaac Plains

Teachers from Moranbah East State School, Moranbah State School and Moranbah State High School embarked on an annual tour of the Isaac Plains mine site late last year to see first-hand Stanmore's continued contribution to the local and Australian economy, and focus on environmental rehabilitation.

More than 27 teachers received a site briefing from our General Manager, Site Superintendent and Senior Environmental Advisor, who then guided the group to the eastern pit area which was undergoing pre-strip and dragline operations.

The teachers were informed about coal extraction processes, the impact and conservation of the mine area and future expansion, Moranbah East State School Principal Rod Finney said. 

“One of the highlights was watching the dragline operator move a piece of engineering ingenuity, ever so effortlessly. It reminded me of a formal waltz dance with precision movement,” he said.

“I was also astounded by the extremely low level of noise pollution and lack of dust created with such a huge piece of machinery.”

The teachers were then taken down into the pit area where the coal is mined to then be washed and loaded onto the trains, completing the process.

Mr Finney said the connection between the coal industry in Moranbah and the education of local kids was apparent, with the tour providing valuable teacher knowledge and understanding to use across curriculum delivery and student engagement.

“As an administrator, learning about the mine extension and job creation allows me to better plan my workforce to meet demand,” he said.

“I would like to thank Stanmore for this unique opportunity — we are incredibly grateful to learn more about Stanmore’s operations and the mining industry at large.”

Local teachers tour Isaac PlainsLocal teachers tour Isaac Plains