Coalfields District Scouts members gear up for outdoor activities

The Coalfields District Scouts are pumped up and ready to roll with a fleet of 21 pushbikes, thanks to a $3,000 community grant from Stanmore Resources.

Following a recent program change at Scouts Australia which called for an increased focus on outdoor activity skills, Coalfields District Scouts were in immediate need of funding to purchase equipment, such as bikes, so its youth members could engage and participate in a number of activities within the new program.

Coalfields District Commissioner Sharna Cauchi, who has been involved with Scouts for more than 12 years, said the grant has meant no one misses out on the outdoor activities organised by Scouts Australia.

“The grant has ensured our members have the opportunity to participate in Scouts district events such as our adventurous activities weekend, as well as organised bike hikes and bike-themed camps for all youth members,” she said.

“Without the generous support from Stanmore Resources, our District would not have the equipment to provide these experiences and our members would miss out.”

The club, which currently has more than 150 youth and adult members, fund all current projects through fundraising, which Sharna says often provides its own challenges.  

“To raise funds for our projects and activities, we coordinate sausage sizzles, movie nights, raffles and car washes, but it would have been extremely hard to raise enough money for these bikes in such a short period of time. We are incredibly thankful for the support we’ve received.”

Coalfields District Scouts members gear up for outdoor activities